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 Designs for People

Yes! We will do custom work for people as well! Here are some examples of what we do:

How many of us have won a medallion as a prize? How many of us take them home and throw them in a drawer because we don't know what to do with a loose medallion? But some of these medallions are so pretty--always seemed a shame not to have a proper way to show them off. Above is a medallion such as the AKC gives to breeder-owner handled champions. I put it on jeweler's wire and beaded it up in pretty purple and gold Best of Breed colors! Why not let me create a necklace in any of the winning ribbon shades, or if you prefer a mixture of natural stones, we can do that, too. NOW this medallion is worth showing off! You and your dog worked hard to earn it, so why hide it in a drawer? Depending on beads, this work can be done for $20-30.

A client bought a very expensive silver and gold breed motif pendant piece, but found it had such a big bail and was a difficult shape to match with any of the chains in her collection that she despaired of ever finding a way to wear it that made her happy. I beaded around it with a double-strand of interesting elements that work well with the shape of the piece. The first time this necklace was worn in the ring, it went all the way to Best of Breed! Maybe the dog had something to do with it, but at least it brought the handler good luck! A custom necklace like this one can be made for $30-40 if you supply the pendant.

A client bought a beautiful silver pendant piece with an aboriginal type design. I paired this with a variety of art glass beads and primative bones to make a big, show stopping necklace with a triple illusion strand. A great deal of work goes into a necklace like this, so it runs around $80-$100, depending on beads.

The Coffeehouse design was originally made as a couture dog necklace, but it has proven to be a lovely piece on owners as well. If you see a design you like, and fancy it for yourself, just give me a neck measurement. Coffeehouse is a cappucino-toned piece built around a black artglass droplet with glittering copper accents. This design complements deep, warm-toned coats and also dark purples and autumn-shaded tops and jackets. Coffeehouse sells for $28.00 for owners and larger dogs, $24.00 for dogs with necksizes of 14" or less.