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Custom Design Work

This page contains examples of Commissioned Pieces, made for very special pets. For Commissioned Pieces, I operate very much like a florist... you tell me what you want to spend, and I will find beads and a design that fits that budget. For a Commissioned couture work, I require a good clear photo of the dog, and will work with you via e-mail to insure your complete satisfaction. I will not duplicate a unique design for anyone else, although similar styles will always be available. If you commission me to design something for you, that design is yours.

Greit needed a special blue snowflake necklace to go with her new Follow Your Lead winter motif coat and collar, and her owner admired our double-stranded designs, so for her I created the "Gorgeous Griet". This style of work is $35-45 dollars, depending on stones and the price of the pendant.

Secret Garden

The Secret Garden necklace was made to the design specifications of a client whose motto is "more of everything"! This necklace now graces the neck of a lovely bitch with butterfly in her name. This is my first triple strand design for dogs. A central jeweled butterfly with numerous floral, pink, lilac, and pearlescent elements, rose quartz roses, and pink and purple frond-shaped accent beads adds up to "Secret Garden" necklace strung on three types of cord for strength and flexibility. This is a very special architectural piece for special occasion wear. A piece like this will average around $60.

"Butters" just can't get over how great he looks in a gold and green necklace of laurels to add to the Best of Breed Medallion he won at the Philadelphia Bench Show. Whatever you or your dog has won, why not let me make it into a necklace? Depending on beads, this will run $20-30 and you supply the medallion, of course.

This was a really unusual project, but it was a lot of fun. A customer had a necklace of her own that had a lot of garnet and magenta beads and some big antique metal stars and snowflakes. She didn't want to wear the necklace anymore but thought the beads would look great on her dog, so I took the necklace apart and designed the "Courtesan" necklace for her flirtatious Whippet girl. Because she supplied most of the beads needed to complete the necklace, the primary charge was the design and dissassembly. This type of work costs around $30.

To commission me to do a unique piece, e-mail the designer directly at