Custom Dog Coats

Custom Dog Coats
Coats are offered in various materials. From fleece to microsuede, you'll find a coat to suit all kinds of weather. Two styles are available, Aristocrat and Patrician.

The Aristocrat drapes over the the back end of the dog, giving full coverage to the rear. The Patrician is for dogs with erect or high tail carriages and will stop at the tail.

Once you pick your style, you will select either a chest piece or belt closure. The chest piece gives full coverage of the brisket, adding warmth.

Price shown is for the smallest size coat. Your price will be adjusted when you select your size range. You will still input your measurements into the boxes, in order to receive a custom fit.

PLEASE NOTE: All measurements are in inches. Input ONLY the number into the box. For example, if length is 21 inches, input only the 21 into the box.

Please refer to the MEASURING PAGE to ensure a proper fit.

EXPECT COAT DELIVERY in 10-14 days. Please add 3 days for each additional coat ordered.