Custom Dog Collars

Welcome to the collar page! Collars are made with sturdy, nylon webbing and welded hardware to ensure safety. We have selected ribbon trims to offer a wide variety of color choices to suit every taste.

Whenever possible, you will be given a choice of webbing colors and/or hardware colors. Simply use the drop down boxes to make your selections.

Pick your trim, size range (for pricing purposes only), webbing color, collar style, and whether you would like it to be fitted or adjustable.

Then, input your measurement, in inches. USE ONLY THE NUMBER!! For example, if your measurement is 11 inches, input as 11.

ONLY buckle collars require a measurement for the base of the neck. All others will be measured at the top of the neck, just behind the ears.

Please refer to our MEASURING PAGE to ensure proper fit.

Exact width of the ribbon trim will be shown under Product Description. Some trims are narrower than the webbing width, so will allow a bit of webbing to show.

PLEASE NOTE: Price shown is for smallest size buckle collar. Price will be altered, depending on size range and style selected.

It's fast, simple, and fun! What are you waiting for? START SHOPPING!!