Couture Necklaces for You and Your Dog-- AKC Medallion Custom Beading Our Specialty!

Follow Your Lead is proud to offer the custom jewelry designs of Karen Lee (Surrey Hill Whippets). Karen will make either fitted or stretchycord necklaces for your dog, to give as prizes at your event, or for you, to show off that special prize medallion you and your dog worked so hard to achieve. Don't leave those beautiful medallions stuffed inside a box or tucked into a drawer! Wear them proudly, custom beaded to match your favorite jacket or in your favorite colors. We work with natural stones, glass, crystal, and customize to YOUR length requirements. ONCE YOU HAVE MADE YOUR SELECTION, EMAIL the DESIGNER at TO DISCUSS YOUR PREFERRED COLORS/STONES/BEADS/OPTIONS. No necklaces will be shipped without an e-mail approval of the final design by the client.