Leads For Litters

Leads For Litters is a page for BREEDERS who wish to start their pups off on the right paw in their new homes!

Sending home the proper equipment with the new owners can prove indispensable. We all know how active puppies can be. The correct collar just may save a dog's life. Backing out of a standard buckle/tag collar is a favorite pastime of youngsters. When properly fitted, the martingale does not allow this behavior.

Show your pups you care by sending them to their new homes with an adjustable martingale/walking lead that will aid in keeping them safe, and grow right along with them!!

Of course, the martingales/walking leads are DISCOUNTED, making it easy on the pocketbook. The larger your litter, the bigger the discount.

Pricing shown is for one martingale or walking lead, then for 2-3, then for 4-6, then 7-9, and finally 10-12. So, for example, on the martingale page, it is $13.00 for one collar (no discount). Next is 2/$24, ($12/martingale), 4/$44 ($11/martingale), and so on. This formula is used for both martingales and walking leads.

Martingales are 3/4 inch width. Walking leads are 3/4 inch width martingale with 1/2 inch width leash. Perfect for puppies to wear for several months, until they are ready for their grown-up collars!!